Sailboat Star

Sailboat Star Quilt Block

Finished Size 12”

Sailboat Star


The Sailboat Star block has only one basic element – Half Square Triangles.   Now, we’ve made a lot of HSTs at this point, so if you want to follow the step-by-step directions we’ve used so far, click here.  I was pretty tired when I was making this block, so I decided to take a shortcut…  I’d like to introduce you to Thangles.  

Thangles are a paper foundation – the process is simple: Put fabric strips face to face, with the Thangles on top of the lighter fabric.   (Why the lighter fabric?  Because when you press open, your seams will always end up toward the dark fabric!)

1: Stitch on the dotted lines


2: Cut on the solid lines


3: Press open

4: Tear the paper away

Tear away

5: Snip off the dog-ears

Snip the Dogears


Now, to make the block….

What You’ll Need:

  • Background Fabric
    • 4 Squares 2.5″x2.5″
    • 5 Squares 4.5”x4.5”
    • 6 Squares 3”x3” (or 1 strip 3″x width of fabric if using Thangles)
  • Contrast Fabric
    • 6 Squares 3”x3”  (or 1 strip 3″x width of fabric if using Thangles)

What to Do:

  1. Make 12 Half-Square Triangles (for a step-by-step, click here)  Lay them out in groups of three, as shown.  Stitch the top two blocks together, and press towards the solid white square.  Then, stitch the bottom pair together, and press toward the left square.  (Why?  Two reasons… always try to minimize the bulkiness of the seams, and alternate which direction you press from one row to the next so that your corners match up nicely.)     Sailboat Unit Layout
  2. Make 4 total Sailboat units!
  1. Lay out all four finished Sailboat units with the 4.5″ background squares as shown.  Stitch together one row at a time.  Press each seam toward the background square.  Stitch rows together – ensure seams fit together snugly so that the corners line up nicely.

Sailboat Star Finished



  • Love this star block!! Thanks for sharing about Thangles…